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Lhasa apso in action


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Dajala’s Lhasa apso are a small kennel of the breed Lhasa apso and I am a registered breeder (my kennel was laid dormant from May 3rd in 2016 at Swedish Kennel club - SKK) in Swedish Kennel club (SKK & FCI).

Latest update

December 7th 2016 Nisse (Chandalee's Clever Clown) has now ended his second course. October 22th 2016 Billie (RLD F, RLD N, SE UCH Dajala’s Båtsman) Eyetested 21st of October.
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September 5th 2015  Billie gained his second Rally Obedience Title RLD N, RLD F, SE UCH Dajala’s Båtsman Billie is now the very first Lhasa apso in the whole Sweden to have the title: RLD F !!
May 29th 2016 Isabella and Buddy (RLD N Dajala’s Beethoven) competed in Agility in Söderköping and won a 3rd place and their second Uppflyttningspinne (Upgrade level stick) in Agility Class! Congratulations Isabella & Buddy!! Well done!
June 18th 2016 Poker (RLD N Crystal Eye’s Pow Wow Wow) gained his first Rally Obedience Title ‘RLD N’ in Nyköping and was placed as 4 out of 29 dogs! Poker is the youngest in the breed in Sweden gaining this title. Poker is also the very first in the breed in Sweden gaining the title as second generation.
Billie & Poker doing some Rally Obedience training july 4th 2016. (Poker had only been training Continue Class signs for 2 weeks at this video.)