News about Chandalee's Clever Clown  May 19th 2017 May 16th 2017 he has now ended his third course, a Competition obedience - Start class course (6 times). April 8th 2017 he has now done a Mental description  - in Sweden called MH (Mentalbeskrivning Hund).
News about RLD F, RLD N, SE UCH Dajala’s Båtsman  July 10th 2017 July 10th 2017 We got a mail from http://www.aht.org.uk/cms-display/genetics_cares.html  about Billie’s DNA samples to be inclueded in group “Lhasa apso +8 eyetested unafected”, with the text: This is to confirm that the Animal Health Trust has received the sample you generously donated to help our research into Canine Hereditary Disease in the Lhasa Apso. Your sample will be included in our research programme forthwith.   June 13th 2017 he was eyetested Unafected "clear"
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News about Active Star’s Castor  August 11th 2017 May 11th 2017 Welcome to our family Harry !!
News about Stone  September 2nd 2017 he passed MH description (secure to shots 1) 26nd August 2017!!
Updated 2nd September 2017News about Stone ‘Panzar’!! NEWS