Chandalee's Clever Clown  Breed: Smooth Collie Chipid: 941000015447642 Reg.Nr: SE51412/2013   Colour: Blue Merle Born: 2013-08-25 Dad: Cinnaberry's Hole In One Mom: Early Mornings One Day In Your Life Owner: Jeanette & Jan Petersson Breeder: Monica Holm, Chandalee’s Came into our lives 10th of august 2016. * Eyes clear (as puppy) * MH description (secure to shots) 8th April 2017 Completed courses: * Competition obedience - Start class course (6 times) ended May 16th 2017 * Activation Course (4 times) beginning of the winter 2016 * Basic - General Obedience Course (8 times) autumn 2016. Nisses history at Dajala’s: August 10th 2016 Smooth Collie Nisse (Chandalee's Clever Clown) born 25th august 2013 moved to us and will share our lives. We love him so much, he is a very special boy! I have worked alot with Nisse as he couldn’t do anything when he moved to us. He couldn’t do sit, stay, lay down and he didn’t play with toys or people, he only played with other dogs and he realy love other dogs. He is like a puppy in spite of his age and size (60,5 cm and 26 Kg). At April 8th 2017 Nisse did go through a Mental description and he is secure to shots - in Sweden called MH (Mentalbeskrivning Hund)  
Photo © MxEmma
Nisse september 18th 2016
Nisse march 26th 2017 by © MxEmma
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